Coaching, Consulting and Webinar Topics Offered

A.      Free Webinar Series:

1.       Introduction to Cross- Cultural Communication (1 hr).

a.       Includes:

i.                     Nature of Communication and Connection

ii.                   Building your Communicative Competence

iii.                 Culture, Worldview and Communication

iv.                 How Culture Impacts Communication

v.                   7 Steps toward Cross-Cultural Understanding in the Workplace

B.      Other Options:

1.       Navigating Cross-Cultural Communication in the Workplace

a.       Includes:

i.                     Culture, Worldview and Communication

ii.                   How Culture Impacts Communication

iii.                   Navigating the Globalized World

iv.                 Inter-Cultural Miscommunication at Work

v.              Culture and Patient Care

2.       Gender, Identity and Communication

   a.       Includes:

i.                   Gender and Communication

ii.                   How Gender Impacts Communication

iii.                 Self-Concept and Self- Esteem

iv.                 Image Management (Presenting the Self)

v.                   Self-Discovery

vi.                 Self- Disclosure (Communicating the Self)

vii.                Healthy Communication About Identity at Work

3.       Interpersonal Perception and the Power of Words

   a.       Includes:

i.                   The Process of Perception

ii.                  Fundamentals of Interpersonal Perception

iii.                Explaining What We Perceive

iv.                Improving Perceptual Abilities

v.                  Nature of Language

vi.                The Power of Words

vii.               Using and Abusing Language

viii.              Improving Your Language Use at Work

4.       Non-Verbal Communication and the Art of Listening

    a.       Includes:

i.                   Non-Verbal Communication 101

ii.                  Channels of Non-Verbal Communication

iii.                 Nature of Listening

iv.                 Barriers to Effective Listening in the Medical Context

v.                   Becoming a Better Listener

i.                   Non-Verbal Communication & Patient Care

5.       Forming Positive Communication Climates at Work

    a.       Includes:

ii.                   Creating a Positive Communication Climate

iii.                 Forming and Maintaining Social Bonds

iv.                 Characteristics of Healthy Friendships & Community

v.                   Social Relationships at Work & other High Stress Environments

vi.                 Burnout Reduction

vii.                The Nature of Emotion

viii.              Impacts of Emotional Experience and Expression

ix.                Managing Emotion and Interpersonal Communication at Work

x.                Emotion and Patient Care

6.       Conflicts, Deception and Communication  

    a.       Includes:

i.                    The Nature of Interpersonal Conflicts

ii.                   Power Plays and Conflict

iii.                 The Nature of Interpersonal Deception

iv.                 Communication Behaviours and Deception

v.                   Detecting Lies in Different Contexts

vi.                 Strategies for Reducing Conflict  

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