A Few Stories Spanning the Years ...

These stories reflect how the company has grown and changed over the years.

"I'm a biomedical scientist.  I appreciate my coach, Allison, and her precision in terms of the way she diagnosis and finds solutions to improve my English and cultural skills...Previous coaches and language tutors did not figure out what was my big issue, in terms of learning English and correct pronunciation. They just gave me general advice, and asked me to practice harder. Unlike them,  Allison J. Weaver Consulting, approached my issues more systematically, and provided sensible advice and materials." - Jay K., Ph.D., Biomedical Scientist

Company: Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Country:  South Korea


"You are a true inspiration Allison. ...A tireless individual full of care and compassion the world so desperately needs. You have my utmost respect and admiration. Your heart truly does shine in how you live your life....May your continued successes in life be a beacon for those who wisely choose to follow you. I truly admire your lifelong commitment to education." -Rick F.    Retired, General Chairman

Organization: Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen, CSX Northern Lines General Committee of Adjustment

Country: United States of America


“Allison is one of the most dedicated people that I have come across. She is passionate and is a true giver. She is extremely reliable, and I know that if I ever need a favor or advice I can come to her at any time. She is [also] a passionate teacher.  -“Dara D.,  Investment Banking Compliance Analyst,

Company: Goldman Sachs

Country: United States of America


“Allison helped me to improve my pronunciation and get rid of the exaggerated apprehensions that were holding me back from communicating fluently with others.  Moreover, I learned how to use my voice in a more appealing manner and how to speak more eloquently. With the help of her meticulous feedback and support, in a short while, I managed to improve my communication skills in all dimensions.... If you want to learn how to maximize your skills in a short time, I wholeheartedly recommend her sessions.” - Mustafa A., MBA, PhD.

PhD concentration: Philosophy: Organizational Behavioral Studies and HRM

Organization: Temple University

Country: Turkey


"Alison Weaver and her company are committed to the improvement of their client's skills.  Allison goes beyond the elementary topics by adding helpful resources and techniques. In addition, she has an abundant cross-cultural background and interesting stories and experiences to be shared with her clients.”  -Gedeão L., Engineer

Company: Companhia do Metropolitano de São Paulo Metro

 Country:  Brasil